We're urging federal officials to strengthen its new broadband labels to make them more accessible and consumer friendly.
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Idaho and Kentucky are among a handful of states collectively pledging hundreds of millions of dollars to improve their broadband infrastructure.
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Gov. Steve Sisolak recently vowed to invest half a billion dollars in federal pandemic aid into improving broadband access and connectivity in Nevada.
Broadband, or high-speed Internet, isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity. It is increasingly essential for economic opportunity, innovation, health care, and education. It is crucial for livability.
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In today’s digitally connected world, I worry about the lack of control I have over the privacy of my personal information. And I’m not alone. A Pew survey found 91 percent of adults strongly agree that consumers have lost control of how companies collect and use their personal information.
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Digital Readiness
We've talked about it before, but it just keeps coming up in the news! The baby boomer generation has such a great presence online - and the nation is taking notice.
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