Clinical Trials: Will Older Patients Finally Be Adequately Represented?

Would you want your doctor to prescribe a drug even though she did not know how it would affect you? Of course not. But this is exactly what happens all too often with older patients, given that many drugs and other therapies have not been tested on people beyond a certain age. In fact, one study found that 72% of clinical trials excluded patients due to age. With older adults being so underrepresented in clinical trials, clinicians often don’t know …

Barbara Brenner: A Breast Cancer Firebrand

Breast cancer activist Barbara Brenner, who died on May 10 at age 61 in San Francisco, refused to wear a pink ribbon. As she told a newspaper interviewer back in 1996, she already wore a symbol of her concern about the disease: a horizontal scar across her chest. But more important, she was offended by what she saw as an empty feel-good gesture. “They’re trying to turn breast cancer into a safe thing,” she railed. “Just get a wig and get …

Common Meds Can Cut Potency Of Some Cancer Drugs

New research underscores why it’s crucial for all your doctors to know all the drugs you are taking. The study, which looked at possibly harmful drug interactions among patients taking targeted cancer drugs, found that as many as 74 percent of the patients were also taking common medications that could limit the cancer drugs’ effectiveness or cause toxic side effects. The research was conducted by Medco Health Solutions Inc., which manages prescription drug benefit plans for 65 million Americans, and …

The Takeaway: Weekend Edition

More on how olive oil can lower your risk of having a stroke. … Rita Wilson tapped as editor of Huff/Post 40. The actress is heading a new site the Huffington Post is launching in August geared toward Boomers over 40. And what Friday would be right without a good debate? Mary Elizabeth Williams over at Salon gives her take about the “absurdity” of lumping several generations together with the phrase “over 40.”

The Takeaway: New Costly Cancer Drugs; Facebook; AIDS and Aging

Seniors face Medicare cost barrier for cancer. If rising health care costs weren’t enough, Medicare patients like Rita Moore, below, who are fighting cancer are facing a new hurdle: high copays for the newest treatments.