November is National Family Caregiver month — when we recognize and honor the 40 million family caregivers across this country.
With this being the week of Mother’s Day, it’s a good time to highlight a less-talked-about role of many women. As an AARP Public Policy Institute report recently discussed, 6 out of 10 family caregivers are female. (By “family caregiver,” I mean those who aren’t paid to help an ill or infirm family member.) Particularly at this time of year when we honor mothers, it’s important to remember that many of these women care for parents or a spouse while simultaneously raising children — a difficult juggling act no matter how good a multitasker you are!
Hispanic family
My mom is my hero. She has always been a happy and independent person, but now, as she faces new health challenges that are rapidly changing, and I can only imagine how much she is suffering. My dad is her primary caretaker; my brothers and I are helping as much as we can.
I'm the youngest of three, so that means I was either spoiled rotten or I was neglected because I was last - depends on where you fall in your family line as to whether you agree with the former or the latter.
Bill Carter - Golden Gate Bridge 4-26-11
Greetings from San Francisco where the 2011 annual conference of the American Society on Aging , "Aging in America," swung into the full-tilt boogie today. With over 3400 professionals in attendance, the conference is jam-packed with hundreds of sessions to choose from. Honestly - it's mind-boggling. I've been attending this conference for most of the past 15 years, and it never fails. I'm completely overwhelmed!
Amy Goyer
( Amy Goyer, pictured above, family and grandparenting expert on, will hold a live chat tomorrow from 1-2 pm ET with Elinor Ginzler, caregiving expert on Join us and submit your questions and experiences.)
A new AARP report shows that the cost of caregiving rose to $375 billion in 2007, a $25 billion increase from 2006.
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