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 “I have an embarrassing secret. And if you’re a millennial, chances are you've got the same one.”
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Cell phone and dollars
Cheering their new grads at college commencements this month, parents will likely give another hurrah: No more tuition! But there's another cost that might well linger on for parents of high school and college grads: the cellphone bill.
They're small. The keys are tiny. The text is barely big enough to read.  Their ringtones are jarring, and only your 15-year-old grandson knows how to work it.  Cell phones are a must-have these days, but that doesn't mean they're any more fun to use than they were 10 years ago.
Cell phone by the Suss Man
I always swore I'd never buy a cell phone. It's not so much a financial issue. I understand that  cell phones are becoming increasingly economical, and many folks are abandoning their land lines and using a cell exclusively.
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