Hats off to the editors of People magazine for naming Sandra Bullock “2015 World’s Most Beautiful Woman.” Bullock wouldn’t have been my choice — I don’t consider her a “classic beauty” — but I find it intriguing that the ensuing media conversation centered on the idea she’s both beautiful and 50.
Ernie “Mr. Cub” Banks loved baseball so much that he once famously walked onto Chicago’s Wrigley Field before a game and proclaimed, “It’s a beautiful day, let’s play two!” It became his slogan.
Christie at event
Supermodel Christie Brinkley and I have something — OK, one th ing — in common: a fondness for fake hair.
Tal parece que el consumo del tabaco, esa planta tí­pica de Latinoamérica, podrí­a estar tan arraigado en nuestra cultura hispana como la necesidad de comerse un buen mofongo o un plato de arroz con frijoles.
Paul McCartney at 2014 Grammys
The 2014 Grammy Awards had a distinctly throwback feel, as some of the classic performers from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s joined current hit-makers onstage. Here are some of the highlights:
As a kid growing up in Indianapolis, nothing excited me more than the thought of piling into the family station wagon for a trip to the big city: Chicago. Our favorite destination in the Windy City, hands down, was the Lincoln Park Zoo. There I would gaze in absolute wonderment at Bushman, the world-famous, fierce-visaged gorilla, who stood 6 foot 2 and weighed in at 550 pounds.
Remember when the movie musical was dead? Well, Sunday night's Academy Awards telecast will be a resounding reminder that, in the immortal words of Dr. Frankenstein, "It's ALIVE!!"
Photo: Crain's Chicago Business breaks down the amount of money ComEd spends lobbying to get their way...very disturbing.
A couple of days ago the Chicago Tribune ran  an editorial that was supposed to make us all feel sorry for ComEd and their oh-so-difficult-struggles to implement a so-called smart grid. It went on to explain how each time ComEd has tried to raise their rates unchecked or how when ComEd refused to refund consumers' money that was rightfully theirs, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) got in the way. WOW, what was the ICC thinking...*sarcasm*  As many of you know, AARP Illinois (and thousands of our members), the Attorney General, and Governor Quinn have been battling ComEd for quite some time. This is not about SmartGrid. It's about Rate Hikes.  Below is our State Director's response to the Chicago Tribune story. It hasn't been printed yet...we'll be the first to let you know if it is. In the meantime, head on over to our  Facebook Page and check out what our fans think ComEd could have done with the 16.2 million dollars they spent lobbying in 2011.
Nolan Harrison coaches the kids during NFLPA Former Players Fitness Challenge
Of all the things that we get to do as former players in giving back to the community, in my opinion, the most fun is  giving time to the local community children. Last weekend, the NFLPA former players, as part of the NFLPA One Team One Community initiative, visited Monroe Elementary School in Oak Brook Illinois  for a day of fitness, fun, and football. The mission of the One Team One Community initiative is to improve the quality of life of the communities that support our players by encouraging healthy lifestyles, positive choices, teamwork and commitment to service.
Chicago State University Listening Session
Happy Friday blog readers, Jenn here from the Illinois Communications Team,  following  up with you on how our Herb Kent event went...this week. 
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