El jamaicano Usain Bolt amplió su leyenda como el hombre más veloz del mundo al ganar esta semana por sexta vez la prueba de 100 metros planos en el campeonato mundial que se disputa en China.
Paula Williams Madison and family in China
Paula Williams Madison is the epitome of success: Vassar College grad, award-winning journalist, former TV executive, entrepreneur, community activist. But the Harlem native was also driven toward another goal — finding more about the Chinese grandfather she never knew.
You can say that one merry band does indeed march to the beat of a different drummer.
pile of cash
In all of the turmoil about a possible U.S. default on its $16.8 trillion debt, there's an overload of information to follow. Here are four tidbits that you might have missed.
Great Grandma
Bulletin from Wuxi, China: In the first suit filed under the country's new law requiring adult children to visit their parents "often," a court ordered a woman to check in on her 77-year-old mother at least twice a month, and on at least two of the country's big holidays.
New strain of bird flu
The numbers are modest but still alarming: 13 dead, 60 sick, from a new strain of bird flu in eastern China, according to the latest reports.
For the last leg of our Trans-Siberian railway journey, we spent almost three days in Beijing.  There we enjoyed seeing the city's modern architecture, soaring skyscrapers, colorful shopping districts and first-class hotels.
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