If there’s one food that people associate with Valentine’s Day, it’s chocolate. More than half of those celebrating are expected to give candy this year, spending 1.8 billion dollars on sweet treats, according to the National Retail Federation. Although studies that find chocolate is good for your brain grab headlines, this Valentine’s Day consider skipping the candy and instead spending quality time with loved ones.
As the executive director of the Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH), I am always on the lookout for brain-healthy foods. I scan grocery aisles for chocolate bars with more than 70 percent cocoa, feel that I’m stimulating my brain when I down my morning coffee and even feel virtuous when drinking a glass or two of red wine. Turns out all my assumptions have been wrong.
News, discoveries and ... fun
Suena espectacular. ¿Quién se ofrece a ser parte de este estudio? El hospital Brigham and Women's en Boston y el centro de investigaciones Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center en Seattle están a punto de comenzar un estudio para comprobar si los nutrientes que contiene el chocolate negro previenen o no los infartos y las apoplejí­as.
News, discoveries and fun ...
News, discoveries and fun ...
Zebra cake
My mother made it in the '50s. My grandmother made it in the '30s. And as it enters its eighth decade, food bloggers and home cooks are still touting this no-bake dessert's simplicity and great taste.
Bionic eyes, curing malaria and sweet, lovely chocolate. There's a lot of cool and groundbreaking science and medical news that came out this week. Medical science was kind of awesome this week.
Forget about "as American as apple pie." Substitute "pizza" for "apple" and you'll know what a new survey found to be Americans' favorite food.
One resolution that many folks have every year is to stress less. While we all have our own ways of removing stress from our lives, some could take some advice from chocolatier Antoinette Little. (Is it just me or isn't that such a perfect name for a chocolatier?) In AARP's December feature of Your Life Calling, we profiled this woman's transition from lawyer to chocolate-maker, and how much "sweeter" it's made her life. Check it out and read more about her journey.
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