Two-step authentication
In an era in which online accounts can be cracked with sophisticated software or a hacker’s ingenuity, taking an extra step when you log in can give you miles in added protection — even when using “strong” passwords.
Pop art
With news that hackers last weekend managed to uncover and leak nude photographs that 101 celebrities had stored on their smartphones, you may be wondering about the online security of your own salacious selfies.
No hay marcha atrás, tarde o temprano la tecnología obligará a las compañías y a los particulares a almacenar los datos en la nube, término que se utiliza para describir un sistema de almacenamiento de datos, fotos y servicios en general a través de internet, ya sean profesionales o personales.
Screenshot of Microsoft Word for iPad
Office for iPad is here, including Word and Excel and PowerPoint, the applications so many of us have grown up with at work. Is this the set of applications that will change how you use your iPad?
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