As the executive director of the Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH), I am always on the lookout for brain-healthy foods. I scan grocery aisles for chocolate bars with more than 70 percent cocoa, feel that I’m stimulating my brain when I down my morning coffee and even feel virtuous when drinking a glass or two of red wine. Turns out all my assumptions have been wrong.
close-up of woman's hands holding a mug
This week was great. First, I got to start the morning with a big mug of coffee while reading about a new study linking a big mug of coffee (or three) to a longer life.
Paying at Starbucks with smartphone
Starbucks devotees, prepare for a jolt beyond what’s provided in those morning cappuccinos: Hackers are draining financial accounts of customers who use a Starbucks gift card or mobile app to pay for coffee.
Deep fried maple leaves
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King Cobra, Poisonous Snake
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To help your aging eyes, think about improving what you eat.
Some fabulous freebies to end the year with and ring in 2014:
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