A close-up view of two cups of coffee, strawberries and croissants
If starting your day without a cup of coffee sounds like torture, you’ve got company. But is that daily caffeine jolt good for your brain?
As the executive director of the Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH), I am always on the lookout for brain-healthy foods. I scan grocery aisles for chocolate bars with more than 70 percent cocoa, feel that I’m stimulating my brain when I down my morning coffee and even feel virtuous when drinking…
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This week was great. First, I got to start the morning with a big mug of coffee while reading about a new study linking a big mug of coffee (or three) to a longer life.
Deep fried maple leaves
News, discoveries and ... fun
King Cobra, Poisonous Snake
News, discoveries and ... fun
 News, discoveries and fun ...
Beautiful Salad on White
To help your aging eyes, think about improving what you eat.
Some fabulous freebies to end the year with and ring in 2014:
News, discoveries and fun ...
Coffee to prevent uterine cancer
It doesn't get as much attention as breast cancer, but uterine cancer - also referred to as endometrial cancer - primarily strikes women over 60, killing more than 8,000 a year.
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