Colin Firth

valentine candy
Pick your Valentine’s Day poison: An edgy tale of sexual domination, a warm and fuzzy rom-com with the ever-charming Hugh Grant, or an explosion-packed secret-agent spectacle. Choose wisely; the ultimate outcome of your romantic dinner-and-a-movie date depends upon it.
Reiner grab
It's a man's world this weekend: Jeff Bridges tries to save it, Sly Stallone tries to blow it up, and two very funny friends try to eat their way through it.
Rob Reiner returns with a warm-hearted grownup romance; Woody Allen introduces us to a beautiful seer who might be a fake; and Morgan Freeman frets as Scarlett Johansson kicks some serious bad-guy butt.
My first Academy Awards were in 1977, when "Network" won Best Picture.  I've been covering Hollywood all this time since, so you can imagine, I've been to more than my fair share of awards shows.  Most are fun.  A handful are special, meaningful.  The Movies for Grownups Awards gala is an elegant jewel among Filmland events, as I was delighted to experience for myself last year.
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