Coming June 14: All-New State Scorecard on Long-Term Services & Supports

This is an exciting month for AARP’s Public Policy Institute. We’re set to release our third Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) State Scorecard Report on June 14, and this powerful tool is far more interactive and comprehensive than the 2011 and 2014 installments. A lot has changed since 2011 when we first partnered with The Commonwealth Fund and The SCAN Foundation to conceive of the idea for a scorecard that would measure long-term services and supports for older adults as …

The Takeaway: 1 In 4 Working-Age Americans Had No Health Insurance

<strong>Individual Insurance Market Too Costly for Most:</strong> More than a quarter of working-age U.S. adults"”or about 48 million people"”lacked <strong>health insurance</strong> at some point in 2011, <a href="">according to a new study from the nonprofit Commonwealth Fund</a>. The study polled people aged 19 to 64. Of those without insurance, 70 percent had spent a year or more without coverage, and 57 percent had been <strong>uninsured</strong> for two years or more.