compartir es vivir

Father's Day
Political and economic pressures have motivated many Latinos to uproot themselves and migrate north looking for a better future, often leaving their families behind. These brave men work multiple jobs back-to-back to provide for their loved ones while saving big sums of money to, one day, finally reunite with his family. Father's Day is around the corner and I want to dedicate this blog post to these trailblazers that opened the doors for most of us in this country with their strong hands.
Community Service
Family means the world to Latinos. Many of us dedicate our lives to care and provide for our loved ones. But we also realize that our responsibilities do not end there. As conscientious members of society, we care about providing aid to our "extended families," such as our neighbors, fellow churchgoers and friends. At AARP we believe there's nothing better than going the extra mile for those in need - because compartir es vivir (sharing equals living).
Por muchos años, AARP ha trabajado incansablemente en nombre de la comunidad de 50 años o más, creando oportunidades a nuestros socios para apoyar y crear un impacto social duradero a través de programas que enriquecen el bienestar económico y fí­sico de los americanos mayores. La organización también ha enfocado sus esfuerzos a nuestras familias multiculturales, particularmente en las comunidades Latinas, Afroamericanas y Asiáticas, creando un diálogo educacional en cuestiones financieras básicas y facilitando el trabajo voluntario de nuestros socios. Uno de esos esfuerzos voluntarios en la comunidad Latina es "Compartir es Vivir" el cual les permite servir a la comunidad en horarios flexibles. Ya sean cinco horas o cinco minutos, el programa "Compartir es Vivir" conecta a los participantes con organizaciones de servicio comunitario en su área, permitiéndoles escoger entre una selección de programas y su nivel de compromiso. Para aprender más, por favor visita este enlace.
For many years, AARP has worked tirelessly on behalf of the 50+ community by creating opportunities for our members to support and make an enduring social impact through programs that lift the financial and physical well-being of older Americans. The organization has also focused efforts on multicultural families particularly in the Latino, African American, and Asian communities by facilitating volunteerism for our members. One such volunteer effort in the Latino community is ' Compartir es Vivir' which allows you to serve your community through flexible scheduling. Whether it's five hours or five minutes of time, the ' Compartir es vivir' program connects participants with community service organizations in their area, allowing them to choose from a selection of programs as well as their level of commitment. To learn more please visit this link.
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