Capitol Hill Group Ministries outreach
The steps of the bank seems like a perfect place to sleep. Mark (not his real name) stretches across the concrete. His belongings, stuffed into a luggage cart and grocery bags, spill out around him. He snuggles under a blanket and adjusts his wool cap. The blanket, his fleece jacket, three sweaters and his long pants should keep him warm.
House repubs
In the endless spatter of political news and propaganda it is easy to miss important decisions that our leaders might be making. One is a potential cut in social programs to help pay for tax relief. If it's not already clear how I feel about this, here's the summary: America should maintain its proud heritage of providing services for the needy.
Now that I am "almost" grown, many days I look back and ask myself, "what if..." There are "would have," "should have," "could have" moments in everyday of  life.  So many things get lost in the shuffle of our everyday lives. I know that most of my days are so full that sometimes I just want to pull the covers over my head and never get up. Then at the end of the day as I drag myself back to that same spot in my comfortable, welcoming bed, and am very still for the first time in many hours, I think what I should have done that day or would have done "if." Let's make an effort this week to do the would have, should have , could have's that cross our paths each day; yet we are so focused on ourselves that we never take the time to " turn around" and do just the least little thing that could be life altering for someone.
"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion." - Dalai Lama
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