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Retail prices for more than 100 widely used specialty prescription drugs surged by nearly 11 percent in 2013, according to a new AARP Public Policy Institute (PPI) report issued today. The report found that the average annual cost of a specialty medication used to treat chronic diseases and conditions rose to more than $53,000 — greater than the U.S. median income and more than twice the $23,500 median income of people on Medicare.
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As I've gotten older, I've started to be tormented by some evil twins: puffy eyes and dry eyes.
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Spouses who are caregivers are significantly more likely than other family caregivers (adult children, for example) to perform many of the tasks that health care professionals do - including medication management, wound care, using meters and monitors, and more.
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By Daniela Hernandez, Kaiser Health News Staff Writer, produced in collaboration with Wired
50's Fair
Q: I just turned 60, have been divorced for seven years and have not dated anyone. I am really lonely. I work full time and have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ), which sometimes requires me to use oxygen. I am scared and embarrassed about possibly having to use oxygen on a date. Since being diagnosed, I have lost all my self-confidence.  How might I start the dating process? If think if I put my COPD out there, I won't be successful meeting anyone.
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Good news for football moms...and football dads...and football grandparents...and anyone who watches football...and, well, anyone who cares about human life and scientific research. (There must be a category you fit into.)
I am not the hypochondriac sort; I don't assume that every symptom means something is desperately wrong. That said, I am a Google-er of symptoms both big and small; it's good to have all the info on your bod, right?
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Despite medical advances, one out of every eight women in the United States will face breast cancer. Early detection, for example, using tomosynthesis, an innovative technology that provides three-dimensional detailed imaging of the breast, and effective treatments have improved the survival rate of breast cancer patients. When breast cancer is detected early and confined to the breast, the five-year survival rate is 97 percent.
Every other Thursday, we have Trish Vradenburg as our special guest blogger covering Alzheimer's issues. Trish is a playwright, author, television writer, and Alzheimer's disease advocate. She and her husband, George, founded UsAgainstAlzheimer's with the goal of finding a cure or treatment for Alzheimer's by the year 2020. She brings her legendary humor and wit to the devastating realities of Alzheimer's, and we're excited to have her share with us here.
alissa and nana
This college essay for admission to Cornell University was written by my daughter, Alissa, at the age of 17.
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