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AARP is urging congressional lawmakers to end a discriminatory practice that forces commercial airline pilots to retire when they reach 65.
Once again, the Earned Income Tax Credit is out of reach for the oldest low-income workers without dependent children. We think that's a mistake.
We endorsed legislation that would make drugmakers disclose profits and expenses when raising prices or launching drugs with high price tags.
AARP wrote to House lawmakers this week opposing a measure that would declare an immediate end the COVID-19 public health emergency.
AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins urges Congress to keep Social and Security and Medicare cuts off the table in any deal to avoid a debt default.
We're urging the Social Security Administration to use funding from a recently approved budget increase to address problems with customer service at the agency.
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AARP está instando a los congresistas a priorizar la salud y la seguridad financiera de los adultos mayores en todo paquete legislativo de fin de año.
Us capitol
AARP is urging congressional lawmakers to prioritize the health and financial security of older Americans in any end-of-year legislative package.
AARP is rolling out a new national ad campaign to celebrate President Joe Biden signing a bill that will lower the cost of prescription drugs.
AARP is thanking lawmakers for passing the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes historic drug price reforms that will make prescriptions cheaper.
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