Maybe it’s that the news has become an everyday nightmare, but lately I’ve been yearning for a little peace and quiet. So I was happy to walk into an Eileen Fisher store this week and find my island of calm: Quiet colors. Soft, easy throw-on clothes. And no high-pressure salespeople pushing me to…
Were you at the Cream reunion in New York in 1968? Think that might be where you lost your hearing? That’s where Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker say their hearing problems started.
Cream, including Jack Bruce
The first time you heard Cream’s 1968 hit “Sunshine of Your Love,” it wasn’t just the hypnotic  da-da-da-da of the central riff, the deft-fingered caterwaul of Eric Clapton’s guitar solo or the driving beat laid down by drummer Ginger Baker that grabbed you. No, it was the way those elements…
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