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Looking up free credit score
“Free credit scores” are effective bait. Just ask any of the 200,000 consumers who complained to the Federal Trade Commission about one recent online scheme that lured them with “free” access to their credit scores … then snagged them with a common switch: billing $30 a month for credit monitoring services they never ordered.
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Revised July 22, 2015.
Saving up for a Rainy Day
We all want our children to be successful and happy. And though being financially fit won’t make anyone happy in and of itself, it can at least take away money stresses and allow the kids to pursue happiness. Just in time for Financial Literacy Month, three journalists from the Wall Street Journal offer 10 great tips in the video below.
FICO, the nation's leading credit-scoring company, is making two changes that could benefit consumers with debt that has gone into collection.
Are consumers'  credit scores unfairly dinged by medical debt?
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