A terrified young woman held captive by a man with his hand over her mouth
It sounds like something out of Hollywood, but it’s hitting homes across the country: “virtual kidnapping,” where fraudsters try to extort money by claiming that a family member has been taken hostage.
Identity theft has become so prevalent that some regulators say it’s not a matter of if you’ll become a victim, but when.
What is the cost of Internet security?
Catherine Heslep was logging off Gmail when her computer was hijacked, another victim of ransomware. “Your files have been encrypted,” the message on the screen proclaimed. “You will not be able to access them without an encryption code.”
Old photo of couple leaning on car
Libelula Roja was looking for love...
Serial Podcast Logo
Baltimore. 1999. A girl is murdered and her body buried in a shallow grave in a city park. Her former boyfriend is convicted of the crime based on the testimony of his classmate and friend.
Identity theft
By Doug Shadel, AARP Washington state director
business crime
A new survey is bringing renewed attention to the hideous crime of elder financial fraud — and the results show just how underreported it is.
Thief stealing a phone
by Marlene Fanta Shyer
Jury duty scam
As the forecast faithful can verify, March certainly came in like a lion. But out like a lamb?
Chuck Stone at his home in North Carolina in 2010 C Jason Miccolo Johnson[2]
Back when Chuck Stone was a columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News (from 1972 to 1991), it wouldn't have been advertising hype to say that he was the most trusted man in the City of Brotherly Love.
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