The Takeaway: “Timeless Torches” Dance Team Defies Age Stereotypes

The average age of performers with New York's "Timeless Torches" dance troupe, by contrast, is about 60.

Happy 53rd Birthday to Madonna!

“Cone Bra.” “Feisty.” “Innovative.” “Re-invention.” These are the words my colleagues used to describe Madonna, who today turns 53. For me, Madonna, born Madonna Louise Ciccone – is more than the words, my colleagues used to describe her. She’s more than just the buff blonde dancing on stage with ridiculously good-looking men and women. She’s more than the world’s top selling female artist (Lady GaGa, keep trying). She’s more than what the tabloids show her to be – ballsy, bull-headed …

News To Know: Dance Your Way To Health And Happiness

Research has linked dancing socially with a reversal in the effects of aging.