Electronic and paper media concept
When our millennial children live in another city or away at school, most of the time “out of sight” means “out of mind.” But breaking news headlines can raise our anxiety levels to high alert, and recently that seems almost a daily occurrence.
mother and daughter
After 50, certain styles you once threw on with abandon should probably be abandoned.
Sometimes I feel like an in-house publicist for my three adult children: a text to the middle son asking him to give his sister a call; an email to the oldest telling him about his brother's time on a half- marathon; a phone call to the youngest suggesting she check in with her brothers. Why…
There is a member of the Tuohy household who has gotten her feelings hurt because I apparently neglected to mention her in any of my AARP blogs. The exact quote to me was," I have shown her no love!" "Wow!" was my immediate response.
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