De-aging haircuts for women

No hairdresser on Earth will advise you to cut your own hair but  lots of smart stylish women 50 + are doing it anyway. We like the idea of saving money, being in control and adding another skill to our set. I'm not suggesting you try a major chop or anything tricky like a chiseled bob but trimming and tweaking your layers and bangs is easier than you think.  As a beauty editor I spent years watching hair legends like John Frieda(  of  Frizz-Ease fame), Sally Hershberger( of Meg Ryan shag fame) Frederic Fekkai of  luxury hair brand fame ) close-up in action as they snipped away at models and celebs. I learned a lot.  Now in cash-strapped times I have no problem picking up the scissors  and neither should you. If you have some kind of bang, and your hair is hair is medium to long, layered and casually tousled you already have the basic take-ten-years-off style  so grab your shears and go for it. Here are three ways to stand in for your stylist :
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