Online Bill Pay
En español | Sure, buying holiday gifts with cash or debit cards avoids interest charges and forces you to stay within a budget to prevent overspending. Occasionally, cash purchases may even qualify you for a discount when merchants can avoid paying transaction “swipe” fees.
ATM with and without card skimmer
While breach-fatigued retailers work to reduce the theft of their customers’ plastic-payment data, scammers have turned their focus to stealing card details at the ATM.
Signing payment at point of sale terminal
About 90 percent of checkout payment card readers, like those implicated in last year’s string of retailer data breaches, currently use the same password. Reason: The default setting hasn’t been changed – either by its manufacturer, middlemen vendors or retailer clients that purchase the devices.
Spring cleaning your devices
Spring cleaning should include more than decluttering your garage and closets. Take these simple steps to reduce your risks of identity theft:
Think you’re safer paying with cash? Not always. For instance, holiday shopping means mall pickpockets are on the prowl.
Hand holding up blank plastic card
Swipe a debit or credit card and all sorts of consumer protections are in place in case something goes awry. With a prepaid card, not so much.
Trying to get scammed? Engage in these stupid but common online practices and the smart money is that you likely will.
Frank Abagnale
Frank Abagnale, former master check forger, has some sobering advice for the rest of us:
credit card at gas station
En español |  Credit or debit? Although both cards look the same, they offer different protections.
Keyboard typing
Maybe you are among the 110 million Target shoppers whose payment card or personal information was hacked during the recent holiday shopping season. Perhaps you are one of the 1 million-plus Neiman Marcus customers whose data was exposed in a 2013 breach just recently announced.
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