Two years ago, Amy Voelker, 50, and her husband were enjoying the fruits of 20 years of marriage. Her two stepsons were married with kids. Her youngest son was doing well in his first year of college. Then tragedy struck this family when a drunk driver broadsided the car, instantly killing her husband and all three sons. After a lengthy trial for the drunk driver, Amy was at a turning point. "I was trying to figure out my future; I was thinking about what's next."  She knew she wanted to channel her grief into work to prevent drunk driving, but also knew she needed to take care of herself. "In the summer months before the crash, my husband and son had finally gotten me into the gym with them on a regular basis," she said.
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More than 20 years ago, Celia Nathan's mother became very depressed. As she was flying from Maryland to Savannah, Ga. to see her mother, Celia read a book a friend had given her about depression. The book described recreation therapy and how it helped those with depression. Celia, always an active person, said she was immediately hooked. "I thought here's a profession where you're helping people and also involves recreation!" she told me recently.
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