It's the government, stupid.
Public trust in the government is near an all-time low - not exactly a shock for a survey taken during a shutdown of the federal government.
The public's view of Medicare doesn't match reality, according to an analysis of six polls by the New England Journal of Medicine, which says that the "wide gap in beliefs between experts on the financial state of Medicare and the public at large" could end up affecting the ongoing battle over the…
CBO chart
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has just published its 2013 Long-Term Budget Outlook, and this year's set of predictions for the nation's balance sheet is sure to push Washington's heartburn rate up a few notches.
We knew it was coming. Still, now here, it's causing quite a stir. President Obama's new budget proposes a change in the formula for Social Security cost-of-living adjustments.
From Kaiser Health News
By Mary Agnes Carey, Senior Correspondent, Kaiser Health News
President Obama
President Obama rallied Congress yesterday to get back to work on a debt ceiling deal. Last week, I posted a hypothetical from the Bipartisan Policy Center on what could happen to Social Security if lawmakers don't make the August 2 deadline. ...  Having your say: Want to ask President Obama a…
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