heat wave in the city and hand showing thermometer for high temp
Sweltering summer temperatures have settled in this week, with the National Weather Service issuing an excessive heat warning for a wide region stretching from the Washington, D.C., area to the Ohio Valley.
The current weather map says it all: Two-thirds of the country is colored fiery orange and red, reflecting the dangerously hot weather making life miserable for millions of Americans.
Amy Goyer shares personal tips for dealing with high temps when caregiving for aging parents.
As I write this post, the thermometer on our back porch here in Phoenix hits a sizzling 110 degrees. But it's a dry heat, you say?! Indeed. Nevertheless, I just fried my toes walking to the mailbox and I think the cactus in my yard is about to pull up roots and head for a dunk in the pool!
post-surgical sweetheart comfort Waking up is hard to do
Mom has had a very rough 6 months.
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