Atlantic Beach Pie
It's salty and sweet, crunchy and creamy, cool and tangy.
Zebra cake
My mother made it in the '50s. My grandmother made it in the '30s. And as it enters its eighth decade, food bloggers and home cooks are still touting this no-bake dessert's simplicity and great taste.
The American Pie Council declared January 23 National Pie Day in honor of the centuries-old tradition first crafted by the ancient Egyptians. While the APC website details a brief history of pie, it also provides a list of events nation-wide so that you can find a celebratory event in your area.
As if the hot flashes and all the other annoying menopausal symptoms weren't bad enough, according to new research the real secret to losing those stubborn postmenopausal pounds is to avoid dessert. All dessert. For. Ever.
Yeager blog cherries1
"This is delicious! You didn't make it yourself, did you?"
bananas foster angela de marco
Since we're in the midst of the October Savings Challenge-where I've vowed to try to pay less than full price for everything I buy this month-I was nervous about our plans to have another couple over for dinner this weekend.
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