Divided We Fail

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Divided We Fail held a press conference on Capitol Hill to kick off its 2009 efforts to address the crisis facing both health care and financial security in America.
America just finished a historic election that brought millions of citizens to the polls. We voted in hopes that the new President and Congress would act quickly to address the most important issues facing our nation. And we were united - Democrats, Republicans, and independents - in frustration…
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Iowans got a whooole lotta Champ, the Divided We Fail mascot, today...check him out!
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Cookie Monster attended the Obama rally in Des Moines on Halloween and donned a Divided We Fail gear!
While at Divided We Fail we relish in seeing the number of Americans who have signed our pledge grow more and more each day, the reason that number is already up to 811,994 is because there are real-life, personal human stories to back up the magnitude of health care and financial security issues…
Recently the winner of the Stolen Dreams short film competition was announced.
After last night's debate, many were left wanting to know more about the candidates and less about Joe the plumber.
We're inside the 1-month countdown for the 2008 Presidential Election and that means it's time to voice your opinion!
Divided We Fail is proud to recognize Steven P. Smith, from Boston, as this week's DWF "Champ of the Week".
Do political ads create more gridlock in Washington?
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