Headshot senior man with vertigo suffering from dizziness
One minute you’re fine, the next minute everything is spinning. It happened recently to a coworker who woke up one morning and found that any little movement sent the room spinning and her stomach lurching. She couldn’t even get out of bed.
iphone, ios4, upgrades
If you are using an iPhone 4, 4S or 5, and are thinking about upgrading to Apple's new operating system iOS 7-be prepared for a learning curve.
I did not gather you here today to form a circle and lead you in a child's game of Ring Around the Rosy, at the end of which we all fall down. It was fun when we were kids and could bounce up off the play yard like balloons, laughing and clapping in delight. Well, it ain't so much fun anymore.
Discussions of social safety net programs for older adults tend to evoke images of some exemplary past, where things like Social Security and Medicare weren't needed because adult children lovingly took care of aging parents, multigenerational households were so common that no one even bothered labeling them that, and sick seniors never got carted off to nursing homes. But "such accounts often draw on a deeply sentimental view of the past," writes history professor and author Hendrik Hartog. And today's caregiving situation might actually be preferable.
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