Dress slim tips after 50

Despite a turbocharged life and plenty of charisma, lots of women 50-plus say they no longer get second glances - or even eye contact - from men. They feel "invisible." We don't necessarily want to be cougars, dabble in extramarital affairs or even play around online. We just miss the brief boost of a face-to-face appreciative look. For some of us, second glances as we strolled down a street used to be routine. Now, nothing.
Where did those extra pounds come from? This is the question of the month as millions of women 50+ shop for new jeans. Goodbye camouflaging layers, cozy carbs, festive cocktails, holiday desserts and SAD ( Seasonal Affective Disorder). Hello muffin tops, flab and a belly that wasn't there last time we checked. Common sense (and the daily media surge of diet and exercise warnings) says get your booty to the gym and start eating  healthy again because the warm weather won't melt fat. Besides we still have pound-packing issues like insomnia, stress, a sloth-like metabolism and ice cream all year round. We're not alone. Even celebs our age in enviable shape like Christie Brinkley, 59, Sharon Stone, 55, Julianne Moore, 52 and Demi Moore, 50, use fashion tricks to look slimmer, sexier and more self-confident in their jeans. Learn how they do it with these three tips! Then, DIY:
A new year and we've got good intentions: we're going to exercise more, eat healthier, and update our looks to stay in the game. Uh-huh. It's not that these things don't work, they do. But even the thought of all that extra effort when we're already multi-tasking  24/ 7  stresses us out.  Three small changes you can do in five minutes or less can undo a year of gym slacking, de-railed diets and lazy self-maintenance. Start now :
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