The Takeaway: DriveLAB Taking Technology Cues From Older Drivers

<strong>On the Road:</strong> New <a href="">technology aimed at making navigation easier for <strong>older drivers</strong> is in the works at England's Newcastle University</a>, where researchers have converted an electric car into a mobile laboratory for studying the challenges these drivers face. Tricked out with eye trackers, bio-monitors and other monitoring systems, the <strong>DriveLAB</strong> car"”designed to pinpoint older drivers' habits and stressors"”is part of the UK's Research Council's nearly $20 million program to help seniors stay on the road.

Oh, What A Feeling! Toyota Gives $12.6M to AARP Foundation for Driver Safety

Fans of AARP’s Driver Safety Program should like this: Toyota announced today that it will give the AARP Foundation $12.6 million over three years to enhance and promote the popular volunteer-run program. “We have [safe driving] programs for people of all ages,” said Toyota group vice president of philanthropy Pat Pineda. “But we were missing the senior component. [AARP’s Driver Safety Program] is exactly what we needed to complete our profile.” And how.

Seniors and Cars of the Future

General Motors invited a small group of us from AARP to their Detroit research and development facility to brainstorm about the needs of seniors in the cars of the future. Now the term flux capicator never came up we did see a lot of cool stuff.* And you don’t need 1.21 gigawatts to operate them!

AARP Cheat Sheet: Thursday, January 13

(A child responds to being told his great-grandmother (pictured) is dying: “It’s ok, Mommy, because when he dies he can go in the same hole as GG! And they’ll be together, because they’re special friends.” Via.) Well, well, Julia Louis-Dreyfus… welcome to being 50! We can hardly believe you’re there already. (Also, she’s about to start playing a female vice president on a new HBO show. Watch for that!) Do not like hearing this… an elderly couple dies of exposure …