drug prices

A new study shows prescription drug prices rose 20 percent each year since 2008, with nearly half of new drugs in 2021 costing more than $150,000.
More than 4 million people have signed our petitions calling for lower prescription drug prices, and Sen. Joe Manchin is backing our campaign.
AARP and President Joe Biden are pushing lawmakers to lower drug prices by allowing Medicare to negotiate directly with drug companies.
Pill bottles
AARP New York delivered more than 2,200 prescription drug bottles to state officials urging them to lower prescription drug prices.
Prescription drugs on a hundred dollar bill
Americans pay three times more than people in other countries for the same prescription drugs, and we’re urging elected officials to do their part to bring prices down, especially as inflation stresses the budgets of millions of Americans.
AARP press event with CEO Jo Ann Jenkins at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, April 26, 2022
AARP and more than 70 other organizations are demanding the Senate advance legislation to lower prescription drug prices by Memorial Day.
Sens. Ben Cardin, Chris Van Hollen, Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters respond to our petitions for Congress to lower prescription drug prices.
Prescription drugs on a hundred dollar bill
We joined more than 90 unions, health care groups and advocacy organizations in sending letters to Senate Democrats urging them to lower prescription drug prices.
AARP testimony called on lawmakers to penalize drug companies that raise prices faster than inflation and allow Medicare to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices.
We’re rolling out a $4.5 million advertising and grassroots campaign urging lawmakers to finally take comprehensive action to lower prescription drug prices.
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