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Don't get me wrong:  as a lifelong environmentalist, I think that Earth Day (April 22) serves an invaluable purpose both as a celebration of our wondrous planet and as an opportunity to draw attention to the many serious - literally "life threatening" - challenges facing our natural environment. …
A thought-provoking little story has been circulating on the Internet recently about an elderly woman who is chastised by a young cashier at the grocery store for not bringing her own reusable grocery bags. The cashier scolds the woman - and people of her generation - for not caring as much as…
In honor of Earth Day (April 22), lots of folks would like us to think about the common chemicals we're exposed to daily that we may not realize could affect our health.
AARP savings challenge
Let the games - and the money saving - begin! 
Earth Day is still a week away but there's no reason (no good reason, anyway) to wait until the last minute to think about the good you can do - for the planet, others and yourself - on April 22.
Whether you like small projects or big ones, physical work or more brainy tasks - there's a bunch of ways for you to help others Go Green.
In honor of Earth Day, here are some suggestions on how you can improve the environment.
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