News To Know: Living In A Bubble

Bucking the economic trend of both the U.S. and the world, North Dakota is experiencing growth and budget surpluses.

S is for Stress

While we’ve been discussing the various ways in which the economic crisis has been effecting our retirement funds, our jobs, and our financial security, we haven’t really delved into the way in which these times are effecting our emotions. In the other words, is the stress of it all getting the best of us? has a great piece, “Losing Control: Why Money Worries Are Keeping Us Up at Night”, that discusses the ways in which the economy has our …

News To Know: Why Putting Off Retirement Could Be A Good Thing

A recent Time Magazine article shows that postponing retirement can have several positive effects.

News To Know: Tightening Your Belt

Consumers have been looking for ways to cut back on spending to deal with the economic downturn.

Stock Losses Suck Out of Retirement Savings

Another bleak look at how older Americans are fairing in this tough economy.

Hey Mommy – I Mean Roomie!

Studies are showing that there's been a huge spike in seniors moving in with their children, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.