election 2008

Analysis of the 2008 Presidential Election shows that despite the attention paid to the youngest voters, it was 50+ voters who delivered the election to President-Elect Obama.
Today was such an important day in history - for so many reasons, and for so many people.
The work day is over, you're heading home...or off to vote...or the bar...or to your brother's mother-in-law's house to watch all the election night hullabaloo.
Came across this interesting little calculator today....gives you a rough estimate of what each candidates tax plans will do to your taxes over the next four years....
Election Day IA.jpg
Iowans got a whooole lotta Champ, the Divided We Fail mascot, today...check him out!
One more guest blogger for you today. This time, Arturo Vargas from National Association of Latino Elected Officials (or NALEO) joins us in talking about the much sought after Latino vote...
Beth Carpenter in Missouri sent us this photo today...first Howl-O-Ween and now this!
Here's a few places to play online with while you're at work related to the election:
I'm sure some of you have heard about or seen the popular PSA campaign called "Don't Vote"...it has every Hollywood celebrity you can think of saying "don't vote" and then acting very confused.
Tamara James, our AARP Ohio Associate State Director for Community Outreach had this to say about her voting experience:
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