Ellen Burstyn

In theaters, three films take very different views of family bonds, while at home Jennifer Aniston’s breakthrough performance takes the Cake.
Tired of feeling hot and sticky this weekend?  Well, there are big chills guaranteed if you tune into A&E's four-hour "Coma" tomorrow and Tuesday nights (Sept. 3 and 4).
Anyone looking forward to scathing wit or incisive drama from a program touted as a "Limited Series Event" -- one rich with Oscar and Emmy winners in its pedigree, no less -- had better dial down their expectations before watching "Political Animals."  However, this dishy, inside-the-Beltway USA summer soap with Sigourney Weaver as a Hillary Clintonesque former First Lady-turned-Secretary of State just might hook you in spite of its occasional attacks of cringe-worthy dialogue and other flaws.   Premiering tonight, "Political Animals" has me hooked.
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