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Notable events from our shared experience
Notable events from our shared experience
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One of the great what-if stories in Hollywood history has Elvis Presley turning down the starring role opposite Barbra Streisand in A Star is Born.
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Why did Elvis Presley die sitting on the toilet?  Whose flatulence is worse, men's or women's? How many pints of saliva do we produce every day? What causes morning breath? What three foods are most likely to kill someone? Do prisoners really smuggle stuff in their rectums?
In the mid-to-late 1950s, there were two young men in their early 20s - one born in Mississippi, the other in Louisiana - who not only climbed meteorically to the top of the musical world but caused a sensation with their flamboyant hairstyles and matinee-idol looks.
Fans of Elvis Presley - and we're thinking of the young, dashing Elvis of the mid-1950s - couldn't help but notice how utterly cool his clothes were. For a young working-class hero from the South, the King was impeccably tailored, and rakishly so, in pink and black shirts, pegged pants and…
If you grew up in the early to mid-1970s, you may remember tuning your AM radio to a local Top 40 station and grooving to music that, for want of a better word, we'll call the Memphis Sound. It was a hybrid of country's twangy guitar  and plaintive vocals with the driving beat and existential,…
As usual, my sister Lynda had to go and ruin everything.
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