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Here are six actions you can take to prepare and protect yourself and your family from coronavirus.
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By Wayne Blackmon,  AARP Oklahoma Volunteer
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Doesn't it seem like the older we get, the more people's safety we worry about?
Emergency Plans Lack Specifics: Will your loved-one's nursing home be ready should emergency arise? Don't count on it: A recent government investigation found many nursing homes-even those in disaster-prone areas-are ill-prepared for natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes and floods.
Prepare to batten down the hatches, East Coasters. After a rattling earthquake earlier this week, Hurricane Irene is coming our way. The National Weather Service predicts that the hurricane will pass along the eastern coast of Florida tonight and begin to move up through the eastern states over the…
It has been hard the past week to avoid images of flooding in Mississippi and Louisiana, as the Mississippi River, gorged on rainfall from points north, threatened to leap the levees and consume New Orleans in 25 feet (!) of water.
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