empty nest

Empty nest
In what the Pew Research Center calls a “return to the past,” a new study found that a growing number of young women are now living at home. About 36 percent of millennial women reside with parents, a number almost equal to the peak in 1940 when statistics were first kept. Unlike the World War II…
Leaving the nest
As the economy improves and the job market recovers, experts anticipated that boomerang millennials would move out of their old bedrooms and start living on their own. But that prediction has not become a reality: The country’s 18- to 34-year-olds are less likely to be living independently today…
"Don't Worry, It Gets Worse: One Twentysomething's (Mostly Failed) Attempts at Adulthood."
They’re back! With costly college diploma in hand, thousands of 20-somethings have returned to the nest. Some will be starting jobs, while others ponder their next move. No matter which category, odds are most parents will provide some financial support to their adult child for a year or two — or…
Holding house keys
In the aftermath of the 2008 recession, boomer parents were besieged by millennial children boomeranging home to reclaim an old bedroom.
Small red heart in a bird's nest
A few days ago my husband and I dragged six heavy containers of holiday ornaments into storage. While I was happy to have that chore done once again, the house looked bare. It wasn’t only the decorations. The kids had gone back to their own homes and lives, leaving a few reminders behind: a…
Bird nest
A month has passed since the dorm drop-off, maybe several if your high school grad had other plans, and quiet fills the empty nest. While some parents quickly adjust, others struggle, and for them there’s a cottage industry of books and blogs, even Pinterest pages. The phrase “empty nest” produces…
Last spring Cathy and Gary Chester put their ranch home in Morris County, N.J., on the market. Come August, the house is unsold and Cathy admits that she's enjoying another summer in the home that the couple built 21 years ago.
Portrait Of Multi Generation Family
So much for the empty nest.
Moving back home
At a party last weekend, I met a new college grad who had just moved back home. His plans: a camp counselor job this summer followed by a teaching assistant job come fall. Over the next year or so he plans to save money and figure out his future; maybe an M.S. in social work or a Ph.D. in…
Boomerang pic
Perhaps you thought that by your 50s and 60s you'd be relishing the peace and quiet of an empty nest.
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