Who Pays Some of the Highest Gas and Electric Bills?

Meet Paula Wood from Alabama. Retired, once married – now single, supporting herself on Social Security alone, Paula must make sacrifices to make ends meet. But, her electric bills have skyrocketed from $50 to $300 a month in six years. Paula has cut her budget in every possible way. She says, “I also have bronchial asthma, so I have to use power to be able to maintain breathing… If I didn’t have to eat and I didn’t have to breathe, …

3 Questions When Utility Companies Try to Raise Your Rates

Across the country, a number of gas and electric companies are looking to increase their customers’ bills. The cost of everything is going up, but sometimes utilities ask for too much. Here are 3 questions you should ask the next time your utility company tries to raise your rates: 1) When rates go up, will quality improve? Is the utility being held accountable for providing reliable service? 2) What impact do raised rates have on the company’s profit? Is the …

News To Know: The Cold Shoulder

As people struggle to find a way to afford heating oil for the winter, one town has come up with a creative solution.

News To Know: Going green? Go white.

A new study shows that installing a white roof on all residential and commercial building in the U.S. could net $1 billion in annual energy savings.

News To Know: High Energy Prices Turning Up The Heat On Older Americans

Rising energy costs are putting a strain on the budgets of older Americans.