7 Solutions for Improving a Home’s Energy Efficiency

You don’t need to be a mechanic to know that a car is made up of interacting components and systems, and that the failure of just one component can affect the overall performance of the vehicle. Houses work the same way. The thermal envelope, insulation, HVAC systems, appliances, lighting and more all contribute to the comfort, health and safety of a home. Rather than focusing on a single problem, like drafty windows or not enough insulation, hire contractors who are …

Will Fast Food Save the World?

I once took it as a personal affront for anyone to suggest that I chow down at a fast food eatery. I do not necessarily dine at five-star restaurants every night but never would I lower my cultural standing by being seen at a place that serves fat-soaked burgers and French fries deep-fried in pig lard or whatever. But I think I may be changing my mind. My U-turn is based on an article by Bruce Watson in a newspaper …

Help Someone Stay Warm – And Save Money!

Help someone improve their energy efficiency, which will save them money and help the environment. Use the Create the Good how-to guide to spot and address energy efficiency.

Power Up! Rather, Power Down!

Become more energy efficient and save yourself some dough!