EXCLUSIVE CLIP: And on Lead Guitar…Bill Shakespeare!
Will someone please find the great Harrison Ford something new to do? Yes, it was fun to see him leathered up again in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and we  can’t wait to find out what he and Steven Spielberg have up their sleeves for the 2019 Indiana Jones reboot they  announced this week. But not since 2013’s splendid 42, in which he played baseball legend Branch Rickey, has Ford really been called upon to stretch himself.
Sly: Stand-Up Guy
As we have come to the close of another empowering Black History Month, once again we are hit squarely with a reminder that there are still some places and institutions where African Americans/blacks have yet to receive full recognition.
Author Dick Guttman
Dick Guttman is an endangered species — an old-school press agent who maintains good relations with his star clients and with the people who cover them, while being a straight shooter to both.
EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Two Sutherlands for the Price of One!
Michael Douglas: “I’m proud to be a grownup!”
Downton fashion
Downton Countdown
So you think Bridge of Spies was the best movie of 2015? Here’s your chance to make your voice heard! Our online polls are now open — and awaiting your votes for this year’s Movies for Grownups Readers’ Choice Award.
Remember Poster
OUR TOP 10 MOVIES OF THE YEAR: Click Here to see our exclusive roundup of the year’s best movies at AARP.org — and vote for your favorite!
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