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I love train travel. If I can choose between a plane and a train, I'll choose a train whenever I can. It makes the transition from one place to another a gradual one, with plenty of time to watch the world go by (to say nothing of the deep nap the train puts me in). And for some trips the travel…
You might have grown up worrying that everything you did wrong would go on your "permanent record."
Grappling with deficits and debt, 14 countries -- including Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece and Ireland -- are planning to increase their retirement ages to between 67 and 69 by 2050, according to the Washington Post. In the majority of euro zone countries, the full retirement age is currently 65.
How does that work? Cause we all know we have enough problems at home, so how does the economy abroad affect your savings? John Burgess explains:
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