I tend to be skeptical about most new beauty trends, but ever since BB creams took over the makeup aisle I’ve become both skeptical and curious.
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Faced with lines, saggy skin and brown spots (that weren't there in May!), we're already online searching for the new Holy Grail of wrinkle treatments. Unfortunately, any de-aging product covers its tush with a claim of  "visible results in four weeks." Who can wait that long? Driven by the urge for immediate gratification, we either give up on the new stuff in a week and go back to our old ways or hurl ourselves into the arms of a good cosmetic dermatologist and his arsenal of lasers, Botox and fillers. Don't! Decades of beauty editor experience have taught me to pay it forward with these instant skin makeover tips to keep you going till long-term changes kick in:
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Scientists are working on technology that would predict how long you're likely to live based on how your face has aged, the Washington Post reports.
April is prime rash season for those of us with rosacea, atopic dermatitis (a prevalent form of eczema) or chronic itching. It's also National Rosacea Awareness Month and National Stress Awareness Month - an ironic duo since a red blotchy face and scaly body patches are total anxiety boosters. Aside from the extreme physical discomfort, there's the visible issue of irritated skin to deal with on top of all our other aging woes. Here's how to stay calm and carry on:
Andrea Q. Robinson is a beauty industry legend and one of my mentors. She revolutionized makeup by creating The Nakeds by Ultima II for Revlon back in the '80s. Until then "neutrals" didn't exist (not even Bobbi Brown!). In her new memoir Toss The Gloss-Beauty Tips, Tricks & Truths For Women 50+ ($17.67,amazon.com), Andrea, a former Vogue beauty editor who has also been president of Ralph Lauren Beauty, president of Tom Ford Beauty and chief marketing officer at Estee Lauder (see photo below) reveals her insider know-how:
By now, we thought, everyone knows that smoking does serious damage to your heart and lungs and multiplies your risk of developing lung cancer (23 times if you're a man, and 13 times if you're a woman, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
The fake PSA video "Bitchy Resting Face" has created a viral storm on YouTube. It lampoons the 11s - the twin vertical furrows between the brows - that give your face a constant hostile, worried look. The 11s get  deeply etched with age but Botox inhibits them (and with FDA approval!)  I used to get Botox from super-famous NYC dermatologist Dr. Frederic Brandt during my high visibility job as Beauty & Fashion Director of MORE magazine. My busy 24/7 work/dating/social life made looking youthful and upbeat a priority. Now that I work from home and have a laid back married life in the 'burbs, my Botox routine vanished. I cut bangs to compensate...but know what? I miss my Botox boost and my (hidden) 11s do too. Now although over 11 million women (and men) have gotten Botox (by Allergan, its genius maker), the procedure is either loved or pooh-poohed. I'm still a huge fan and here's why you might become one too:
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