Fake news-related word cloud on tablet
En español |  When fake news isn’t fueling what some considered tip-the-scales influence on a presidential choice, the primary purpose of shocking headlines and bogus reports is to make money for some while scamming others.
Email phishing scams
Phishing attempts on social media have more than doubled over the past year as scammers find new ways to trick people into providing personal and financial information.
Facebook Messenger
La red social Facebook anunció que abrirá su aplicación de mensajería Messenger para que otros desarrolladores puedan crear chatbots que interactúen con sus usuarios.
SW The DramaQueen Boot
Here’s a ratio that prevails at far too many holiday parties: 99 percent vanity, 1 percent fun.
Los estadounidenses inventaron Facebook y Twitter, pero en lo que al deporte se refiere son Barcelona y Real Madrid, los archirrivales de la liga española de fútbol, los que encabezan la lista de los equipos deportivos con más seguidores mundiales en las redes sociales, de acuerdo con la lista de la revista Forbes. El primer equipo norteamericano que aparece en la clasificación es el equipo de básquetbol de Los Angeles Lakers, apenas en el noveno lugar.
As a college professor, I made a radical decision about a year ago: I banned smartphones and laptops during class. Honestly, I can’t compete with Facebook or an Internet flash sale or texts from friends. My students now take their notes the old-fashioned way with pen on paper. And it turns out that students who take notes by hand learn better.
You may like the news that Facebook is working on a much-anticipated “Dislike” button. But don’t be too eager to test it out.
Airline Facebook Scams
Airline ticket scams are flying high once again. In recent weeks scammer-run campaigns on Facebook have spoofed several airlines – including JetBlue, Virgin, United and Delta – in promising free flights (and with Delta, merchandise and cash prizes, too).
Q: I have a genetic condition that makes my bones and joints stiff and painful, giving me absolutely NO interest in sex. In fact I couldn’t care less if the next man who touches me is the coroner!
Two-step authentication
In an era in which online accounts can be cracked with sophisticated software or a hacker’s ingenuity, taking an extra step when you log in can give you miles in added protection — even when using “strong” passwords.
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