Woman using a discount coupon on a digital tablet on the sofa
Maybe you saw that recent Facebook post promising a free $200 Nordstrom gift card. Or perhaps it was that $100 coupon for Lowe’s, which just resurfaced after a similar “campaign” last spring, or the latest coupon on social media, touting a free Disneyland vacation for four.
Christie at event
Supermodel Christie Brinkley and I have something — OK, one th ing — in common: a fondness for fake hair.
Sally Hurme
By Sally Hurme
Writing a check
Even in this age of high-tech trickery, one classic con continues strong: The gotcha that results from any number of scams that involves a fake check or money order.
With the latest malware campaign aimed at hijacking sensitive computer files and online accounts, scammers have sunk to a new low - specifically, six feet under.
End to robocalls
The latest weapon in the battle against illegal robocalls is now ready to halt those illegal automated telemarking phone calls at your home... provided your service provider is compatible with the technology it uses.
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