A common question for individuals starting out on their quest for fitness is whether to focus on eating or exercise. Would it be better to establish healthier eating habits and then add the habit of exercise? Or begin with exercise and work on nutrition later?
Holiday dinner
We are in the middle of one of the most dangerous seasons for overeating. The onset of winter, combined with back-to-back holidays, provides endless temptations. Dr. Holly Hull, a researcher at the University of Oklahoma who studies holiday weight gain, affirms our own experience: during the next…
If your New Year's resolutions include weight loss, consider joining the AARP Fat 2 Fit online community. A research team, coordinated by Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, found that the "accountability that comes with group participation can be instrumental in successful weight loss."…
Don't we all know someone who had lost 30 pounds, swore to never regain the weight and then regained that much and more? Or someone who had exercised regularly, suffered an injury and then became a weight-gaining couch potato?
More than ever, seniors are discovering the athlete within. Since the early 1990s, total participation (and participation by those over age 45) has grown in 21 sports and fitness activities. Note that these sports aren't for sissies: basketball, bowling, mountain and rock climbing, walking,…
Halloween candy
Americans are expected to spend a record $7 billion celebrating Halloween, and the average American family will spend about $75 on costumes, candy and decorations. Those of us who have misgivings about the economy may feel we want to cut back on spending, especially discretionary spending. And what…
Even if we don't look at the cal endar, aisles of candy in the grocery stores and drugstores remind us that Halloween is around the corner. On the heels of Halloween is Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas and Hanukkah, which are followed by celebrations for the New Year. And don't forget the eating…
Carole speaking to her fans at Life@50+
It takes about 5 seconds to figure out that Carole Carson is a force of nature.
If you say you want to get fit and lose weight but don't follow through, you may seek to invent an excuse. While some excuses are plausible, they still reside in the land of make-believe.
mountain top
Have you noticed the number of articles bombarding us with conflicting information about the possible toxic effect of using plastic bottles manufactured with the industrial chemical BPA ( bisphenol A)?
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