Instamos a los funcionarios federales a fortalecer las nuevas etiquetas de banda ancha para brindar más transparencia a la hora de comprar un plan de internet de alta velocidad.
We're urging federal officials to strengthen its new broadband labels to make them more accessible and consumer friendly.
Man Analysis Stock Exchange on Computer
The FCC is expected to finalize a new broadband transparency rule requiring providers to share more information about promotions and prices.
The FCC will stop telecommunications providers from striking certain exclusivity deals with landlords and property companies.
Information privacy button on computer keyboard
In today’s digitally connected world, I worry about the lack of control I have over the privacy of my personal information. And I’m not alone. A Pew survey found 91 percent of adults strongly agree that consumers have lost control of how companies collect and use their personal information.
For everyone who hates getting automated robocalls on their phone or spam text messages, the Federal Communications Commission has gotten the message.
La Comisión Federal de Comunicaciones de Estados Unidos (FCC, por sus siglas en inglés) aprobó este jueves una medida histórica que considera a internet como servicio público, una decisión clave que permitirá regular más estrictamente la red.
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