Hammering an Idea for Stingier COLAs

This video might leave you with the impression that nobody wants a proposed change for calculating cost-of-living adjustments (COLA). Not older Americans. Not veterans. Not women. Not labor. And certainly not independent U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. That the so-called chained Consumer Price Index has no support isn’t the case, of course, or these people wouldn’t have met at the U.S. Capitol to take turns bashing the proposal. Though the formula would slow increases in Social Security, veterans and …

Presidential Debate #1: Obama and Romney on Medicaid

Debate #1 moderator Jim Lehrer devoted a segment to the national debt. The discussion turned to Medicaid. Obama on Medicaid Romney on Medicaid See also: Presidential Debate #1: Obama, Romney on Medicare Presidential Debate #1: Obama, Romney on the health care law Join the online discussion Election 2012 Debate Season