Colorado Senate Candidates Face Off in First Debate

The candidates in a hotly contested Colorado race that could determine control of the U.S. Senate sparred over Social Security, Medicare and other issues during their first campaign debate on Sept. 6. Polls show that Sen. Mark Udall, the Democratic incumbent, and Rep. Cory Gardner, his Republican challenger, are locked in a virtual dead heat two months before Election Day. >> AARP Voter Education Guide When a panelist asked the candidates how they would protect Social Security for future generations, …

Presidential Debate #1: Obama and Romney on Medicare

When debate #1 moderator Jim Lehrer devoted a segment to Social Security and Medicare, the discussion focused on Medicare. Here are some of the highlights. Obama on Social Security and Medicare Romney on Social Security and Medicare Obama on a premium support plan Romney on a premium support plan See also: –    Presidential Debate #1: Obama, Romney on the health care law –    Presidential Debate #1: Obama, Romney on Medicaid –    Join the online discussion Election 2012 Debate Season