fiscal cliff

President Barack Obama came out of the fiscal cliff battles with the public relations victory, but it's a bit like winning the blue ribbon at the county fair with a pig so stinky no one even wants to look at it.
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Could things in Washington actually get dire enough to force politicians to work together?
The immediate frenzy over the fiscal cliff may have subsided, but the drama is far from over: Next on the agenda is a debate  over spending cuts - a debate that promises to be as rancorous as the one we've just seen.
Maybe you were too busy ushering in the new year to master the fine points of the deal that averted the " fiscal cliff." Now you're wondering, what does it all mean for me?
It's not actually over.
By Mary Agnes Carey, Senior Correspondent, Kaiser Health News
Picture this: It's the new year and Congress and the White House still don't have a budget deal. Don't look now, but we've gone over the " fiscal cliff."
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By Russ Mitchell for Kaiser Health News
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